Dear Instructors, we are very happy you have decided to participate during our tournament.  This is a wonderful Public Relations event for our students, and their families.  In order to make it easier for us to place you at a ring we need your information and desired times for judging.

All instructors with the rank of Red Belt will only be assigned as Assistant Judges.  Center Judges must be 1st Degree Black Belt and above, and they must go through the training videos in this site in order to obtain their badge.

Rules for Assistant Judges:

  1. Bring all the trophies and medals for the event.
  2. Make calls during the event for sparring, and add points for forms/weapons on the sheet.  Follow the Center Judge, and double check scores.
  3. Hold the clipboard and update points during sparring.  During forms, announce to the participants who will be competing, and who will be coming next.
  4. Help the Center Judge award the medals and trophies.
  5. Assist in sparring with injured students.

Rules for Center Judges:

  1. Start and end the events on time.
  2. Talk to the parents about the rules of the event and the standard that is being followed to award points.
  3. Keep the ring excited and happy.
  4. Run the ring, and make sure all participants have been called and have been accounted for.
  5. Deal with injuries and accidents should they occur.
  6. Keep the ring running and watch for time.
  7. Update the sheet and sign it at the very end.  Send the sheet with the assistant to the center table.
  8. Tally all points and award the winners.
  9. Answer questions for parents and maintain a positive attitude during the event.
  10. Check with the Area Coordinator to get new assignments.

Always refer to the Full Guidelines that will tell you all about how to specifically run an event.

Please fill out your information at the bottom of this screen so you can be added into the list of judges and assistants.  Thank you.



Judge Pre-Registration