Participant Guidelines

COMPETITOR RESPONSIBILITIES: It is the responsibility of the competitor to know the rules and be ready for competition when called to do so. If the competitor is not at his/her ring when their division is called, he/she will not be able to compete. If a competitor leaves the ring after their division begins and is not present when his/her name is called to compete, his/her name will be called again at ringside. If he/she is still not present to compete, he/she will have two minutes from the time his/her name is called. If he/she is still not present to compete, he/she will be disqualified.

General Rules:

  1. Must compete with rank appropriate material (one rank down is allowed.)
  2. Must register in accurate age division. Exceptions are to be discussed with Chief Instructor.
  3. No arguing with judges.
  4. No bad language or aggressive behavior
  5. UNIFORM; All competitors must wear a complete uniform; top and bottom, rank appropriate colors, with USSD logo patch over left front flap of Gi top, just below the shoulder. Rank appropriate colors are; white Gi to purple belt, black Gi to first degree black belt, white top with black bottoms for second degree black belt, black top with white bottoms for third degree black belt, red top with black bottoms for fourth degree black belt. Uniform must be clean in in good repair. Appropriate belt colors are required. Soft soled, closed toe martial arts shoes may be worn during competition.

Consequences for breaking rules could be loss of points, requirement to do an appropriate form of the judge’s choice, or disqualification.

Sparring Rules:

  1. Must have adequate gear; head gear, gloves that cover the full hand, mouth guard, foot protection, and groin protectors for men and boys. All other gear is optional.
  2. Must compete in appropriate age and rank divisions. Exception for size should be considered by contestant’s Instructor.
  3. No stepping out of ring.
  4. Stop sparring when judge calls stop.


  1. Must compete with rank appropriate material, one rank down with the exception of open kata or weapons.
  2. No gear required.
  3. No stepping out of ring.

Weapons: Weapons in use by competitors for competition must have a resemblance and evolution to traditional martial arts weaponry. Authentic weapons include, but are not limited to arnis sticks, broadsword, butterfly swords, straight sword, cane, fan, hoko, jo, kai (eku-bo/oar), kama, kama with rope, katana, long bo, naginata, nunchaku, sai, tanto, three sectional staff, tonfa, wakizashi, whip chain, yari, etc. Plastic, foam, defective and sharp weapons are not allowed. Throwing of weapons, unless using a chain/rope, is not allowed, however tossing of a weapon upward with intent to catch it is allowed.


  1. Must compete with weapons that are in good condition. Judges will inspect weapons prior to competition.
  2. No sharpened blades. Practice weapons only.
  3. No stepping out of ring.

Parents, Family Members and Friends

Please remember that though this event is called a Tournament, and it is indeed a competition, this is a family oriented event.  For this reason note the following is NOT ALLOWED:

  1. Foul language – and no screaming any negative remarks to any participants
  2. Arguing with the judges about calls, points and decisions.  Judges are HUMAN, and they will make mistakes.  They always do the best they can, and make the calls they see fit.
  3. Video replays – Allowing for this will make the event 2-3 times longer.
  4. Interrupting the event in any way
  5. Entering the rings – only participants and judges allowed
  6. Approaching the participants while the event is in progress – Do not worry, we will have a physician on site, as well as qualified, professional instructors assisting all participants during the competition.

Note:  Latest update as of 11/26/2016.  These rules may be amended at ANY time by the Tournament Committee, so please check again before event starts.